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Flobots Biography

Flobots are a hip hop and rock band from Denver, Colorado, formed in 2000 by band leader Jamie “Johnny 5” Laurie. Flobots rose to fame with their major label debut “Fight with Tools”, that featured the single “Handlebars“, which became their most successful hit to date.

Fight with Tools

The band released their debut album in the fall of 2007. “Fight with Tools” came out to critical acclaim and peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200. Additionally, it reached number 3 on both the Alternative and Rap Albums charts. It spawned 2 singles, “Rise and “Handlebars”. The latter became an international hit and reached number 37 in the US, respectively, number 14 in the UK. Flobots’ popularity grew massively. They began playing more important gigs and toured with major artists like Metallica, The Offspring, The Raconteurs, Rise Against and many others. Furthermore, they signed with Universal.

Survival Story, The Circle in the Square, No Enemies

In 2010, Flobots released their second album, “Survival Story”, which peaked at number 44 in the US. Most noteworthy, it generated the single “White Flag Warrior”, featuring Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath, which went to number 22 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart. Two years later, the band came out with a third album, titled “The Circle in the Square”, which only peaked at 198 on the Billboard 200. Flobots are currently working on a fourth album, “No Enemies“, due for 2017.


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