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Coldplay Biography

Together with Radiohead and Oasis, Coldplay is one of the most vibrant British bands in the last decades.

Their First Name – Pectoralz

Chris Martin (vocals, piano) and Johnny Buckland (guitar) formed at first the group called Pectoralz. With Will Champion (drums), Phil Harvey (manager) and Guy Berryman (bass) joining, the band called themselves Coldplay and released their first EP, Brothers and Sisters, recorded in only four days.

The single “Yellow” together with their album Parachutes made Coldplay a huge international success. The second album was called A Rush of Blood to the Head and the self-titled toured followed up. The next albums, X&Y and Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends met with positive reviews.

Writing History

“One thing that’s quite liberating about being in a band is when you realise a lot of the world really doesn’t give a f*** about music and they definitely don’t give a f*** about what’s cool and what’s not cool”, he says. “They just hear a song they like and then carry on with their day”, the vocal leader declared for NME.

Chris Martin declared about their fifth album Mylo Xyloto: “It’s about love, addiction, OCD, escape and working for someone you don’t like.” The album encloses singles like “Princess of China”, “Paradise” and “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”.

Following up Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay issued the albums Ghost Stories (2014) and A Head Full of dreams (2015).


Coldplay have in their pocket eight Brit Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, seven Grammy Awards and also several nominations. Coldplay have collaborated with The Chainsmokers, ex-Oasis Noel Gallagher, Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue, Jay Z, and numerous more.

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