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Cold War Kids Biography

Cold War Kids si currently enclosing the members Nathan Willett, Matt Maust, David Quon, Matthew Schwartz, and Joe Plummer. Former members are Dan Gallucci, Matt Aveiro and Jonnie Russell.  The guys met while attending Biola University.

Early Years

Cold War Kids issued in 2005 3 EPs, Mulberry Street, With Our Wallets Full and Up in Rags. A year later, a compilation of them appeared under the name Up in Rags/With Our Wallets Full.

They released their first album Robbers & Cowards after they signed with Downtown Records. The album sold over 200,000 copies. With this success in their pocket, they toured for two years.

Further Career

The follow-up album Loyalty to Loyalty (2008) was well received by the critics and the public. After Cold War Kids released the album Mines is Yours (2011), Jonnie Russell separated ways with the band. He was replaced by Dann Gallucci.

Soon after Jonnie’s departure, drummer Matt Aveiro left the band. Joe Plummer became his replacement. After a modest success achieved by Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, Cold War Kids hit the charts with a single from their fifth album Hold My Home. Titled “First”, it reached number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart.

In the winter of 2017, they issued the single “Love Is Mystical”, that’s leading their sixth album. L.A.Divine was released on 7 April 2017.

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