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Charli XCX Biography

Charli XCX is a British singer, songwriter, and actress who found popularity after her collaboration with Iggy Azalea on “Fancy”.

Early Life

Charlotte Emma Aitchison was born on 2 August 1992, in Cambridge, England. Charlotte started writing songs at 14 years old and was already starting to record an album with the money given by her parents.

Early Beginnings

She was promoting her recordings on MySpace and took the stage name Charli XCX as it was her Messenger screen name as a young girl. Charli would get invited to a lot of questionable raves and gigs nonetheless, she was signed to Asylum Records in 2010. After a break from music she slowly started to make a name for herself again, eventually releasing her first mixtape “Heartbreaks and Earthquakes” in 2012. The second one “Super Ultra” was revealed the same year.


In 2012 Charli co-wrote and offered her vocals for the 2013 smash hit “I Love It” by the Swedish female duo “Icona Pop”. It was number 1 in the UK and entered the US Billboard chart. Her own singles “You’re the One” and “You (Ha Ha Ha)” were considered one of the best songs of 2013. “True Romance”, her first album was released the same year and it was received well by critics. In 2014 she was featured on “Fancy” with rapper Iggy Azalea, a track that topped the charts at spot 1, making it her first number 1 single. During this time she also co-wrote songs for a number of artists while at the same time working on her album “Sucker” released late 2014. Charli opened for Katy Perry’s “Prismatic World Tour” after which she embarked on her own tour in the UK. The EP titled “Vroom Vroom” was released as a teaser for her 2016 “After the Afterparty” more electronic sounding album. Charli XCX unveiled the next project will be called ‘Number 1 Angel’ in March 2017.

Photo credits: The Telegraph