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Caro Emerald Biography

Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw, known by her stage name Caro Emerald, is a Dutch pop and jazz singer. She rose to stardom in 2010, with the international hit A Night Like This. She is known for her powerful voice and amazing live shows.

Early Life & Career

Caro Emerald was born in 1981, in Amsterdam. She took singing lessons at the age of 12 and joined a girl band, Les Elles. Furthermore, she specialised in jazz, at the Amsterdam Conservatory, which she finished in 2005. In 2007, she recorded a demo, Back It Up, which didn’t attract publishers and labels but it gained worldwide popularity on Youtube. Consequently, she started working on a studio album and picking up various influences from different jazz eras.

Breakthrough & Success

Finally, in she released Back It Up as a single, in the summer of 2009, gaining massive success locally. Most noteworthy, the second single, A Night Like This, topped 3 European charts and became her most popular song to date. The multi-platinum album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor came out in early 2010 and reached number 4 in the UK. Additionally, several tracks were included in TV series and commercials. In 2013, Caro managed to expand her music to the US, by performing in Los Angeles and New York. Moreover, her second album, The Shocking Miss Emerald, reached number 1 in the UK. She is currently working on a third album, titled Emerald Island.


Photo source: TheNationalStudent