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Alice Cooper Biography

Vincent Damon Furnier, known professionally as Alice Cooper, is an American singer, songwriter and actor, which a lengthy and fulfilling 5-decade career. His unique voice and spooky stage presence brought him the nickname “The Godfather of Shock Rock“. His musical style was born from horror movies, vaudeville theatre and garage rock.

The Band

Originally, Furnier created Alice Cooper as a band. The heavy metal sound combined with horror visual elements, such as torture machines, fake blood and snakes and swords, was meant to shock the audience. Moreover, legend says the name itself came after an Ouija board session. After a truly unsuccessful gig, music manager Shep Gordon, approached the band, believing he could harness all that negativity. Therefore, in 1969 the group released their debut album, Pretties for You.  After two moderately successful albums, the band made its breakthrough with the 1972

After two moderately successful albums, the band made its breakthrough with the 1972 School’s Out. The record reached number 2 and sold over 1 million copies, while the title track became one of Alice Cooper’s most popular. One year later, Billion Dollar Babies, with its major hit No More Mr. Nice Guy, topped the album charts in both the US and the UK.

The Legend Itself

In 1975, Alice Cooper released his first solo album, Welcome to My Nightmare. The album reached number 5 on the Billboard 200 and went platinum. Additionally, it spawned the hit ballad Only Women Bleed. After another win with the follow-up album, Alice Cooper Goes to Hell, the artist’s career went downwards, due to his alcoholism and his inability to accept the new musical trends. During the 80’s he continued to be active, but with no noteworthy events.

Finally, in 1989 he returned to glory with Trash, the multi-platinum parent album of Poison. The album generated two more hits, Bed of Nails and House of Fire. In 1991, Hey Stoopid proved to be a fine effort, especially due to its title song and Love’s a Loaded Gun. After another uneventful period, Alice Cooper recaptured the public’s interest with 2008’s Along Came a Spider, a concept album about a serial killer obsessed with spiders. Notably, it included a praised collaboration with Slash, Vengeance Is Mine. In 2011, he released Welcome 2 My Nightmare, a sequel to his solo debut.
Furthermore, Cooper made an appearance in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows (2012). He performed No More Mr. Nice Guy and Ballad of Dwight Fry. In the film, his feminine name led the protagonist to call him the ugliest woman he has ever seen. The joke became popular on the internet.

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