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Syntax Error - 311

Album: Mosaic

genre: Alternative Rock

I know I should have stopped it
Any other day I’d know better
But now I’m laid out on the floor

I know I kind of dropped it
Should’ve written it down in a letter
But now there’s one foot out the door

All the words in disarray
Lost in translation
Errors just replay

I didn’t know it was like that
Left field, way off of centre
and now there’s just one great divide

There’s no doubt wait..  strike that
All conversation is splintered
oh well, oh hell, at least I tried

All the thoughts I can’t relay
Have no explanation
Defects just display

Spell-checked streamlined clarified
Cut copied pasted
and erased it
but I replaced it

Outlined researched summarised
paraphrased arranged
and then deleted
Now i’m defeated

Good intentions gone astray
Locked in frustration
Plot lines in decay

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Mosaic Calvin Harris album lyrics
Song details
  • Publishing: BMG
  • Co-Production: Scotch Ralston
  • Vocals: Nick Hexum, Doug "SA" Martinez
  • Release Date: June 23, 2017